(Petroselinum ortense)


prezzemoloParsley is a plant known since the ancient times, in fact it was much utilized from the Greek who believed in its virtues in helping to fight kidney and bladder diseases.

For the Etruscan the parsley was even a magic and miraculous plant that was used to soothe the bees sting. Today it is known that the parsley is a big sourve of mineral salts and vitamin A,B, C, and K.

The parsley is a diuretic and purifying plant, indicated to cure a lot f diseases of urinal and circulatory apparatus. The are several uses of the parsley in cookery: in particular to season the appetizers, the sauces, the fish and the meat. The parsley if used in a big way could be toxic but the gastronomic use is absolutely innocuos. In cookery it is a good rule not to cook it to not destroy the C vitamin. 

Our prepared mixtures that contain it: Dressing for pasta, Roast dressing, Potatoes dressing, Fish dressing.

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